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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Recto & Cubo

Recto & Cubo awarded with the 4rth prize award at Aluminco Design competition 2013 

4rt place award of 100 participations 

Recto is a a double sided rail that with its unique design provides more shadow to the balcony, especially if it is combined with a pergola. More shadows means that the house doesn't get too warm at sunny days, the rooms are cooler so there is no need of air conditioning. Recto saves energy and becomes the first ecological rail.

Recto blocks the view from street level but on the contrary offers full view to the apartment's owner.

Cubo is a decorative version of Recto and it can be installed as a part of Recto or as a standalone installation. Cubo is an expensive rail so it is preferred to be installed in a combination with Recto. Every cube of Cubo has glass for safety reasons. The materials for Recto & Cubo are Aluminium and glass.

Recto & Cubo are designed mainly for apartments.
Presentation boards
Presentation board 01

Presentation board 02

Presentation board 03